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Look into the Abyss and the Abyss looks back at you.

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Birthdate:Oct 21
Location:Paris, France

Complete Background|Character Sheet, Derangements and Flaws|Purpose and Character Personality

When you Look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks back.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Name: Aidan Vilandrie
Nature: Conniver
Embrace: 1322, 14th Century
Demeanor: Curmudgeon-Visionary
Clan: Tremere
Generation: sixth generation
Concept: Having broken with traditional Tremere ranks for the most part, his only route to survival and advancement is by making a niche for himself with his specialized skills. Aidan used to pander his magical prowess with all the insistence of a jaded street hustler who sees others like flies that need their wings ripped out, even though he maintained a veneer of civility towards them, at least, until he sweeps the power from under them. To get ahead, he will have to continue sharpening his skills and become more indispensable then the loathing that comes with the rumors surrounding him, while at the same time seeming harmless to the rest of the Tremere--good luck with that.
Alignment: Sinner
House: Horned Society (allows non-Kindred members. Ultra-secretive)


Thaumaturgy & Dark Thaumaturgy Rituals|Thaumaturgy Paths|Clan Baali|Horned Society

Historical Context: Aidan's father's side of the family, originating from Rome, came to find itself in France when the Empire's Julius Caesar defeated the Gauls. Born in 1289AD, his traditions were soaked in a plethora of religious rites of the day and oral traditions passed down from his mother's side of the family. His mother descended from Mesopotamia and had already been branded to be used by the Baali who, rumours say, had unleashed the plague that spread throughout the world. Her traditions were never written down and it was a good thing considering the social and religious context at the time. "France in the 1300's was a grim dark stain of human suffering. The 14th Century was a time of turmoil, diminished expectations, loss of confidence in institutions, and feelings of helplessness at forces beyond human control. What scholars call the "little ice age" occurred in Europe and In France crops failed after heavy rains in 1315; there were widespread famine, reports of cannibalism, and epidemics". This was also the century of Black Death and France was not spared its undo suffering. By January 1348 it penetrated France via Marseille, and it spread westward from Marseille through the ports of Languedoc and northward up the Rhone to Avignon, where it arrived in March. It reached Narbonne, Montpellier, Carcassonne, and Toulouse between February and May, and at the same time in Italy spread to Rome and Florence and their hinterlands. Between June and August it reached Bordeaux, Lyon, and Paris, spread to Burgundy and Normandy, and crossed the Channel. France was also drowning in the Seven Years War (1337-1450). In these dark times the church was hardly a comfort and institutions were failing as well.

It was in this excrement of human suffering that Aidan was born, raised and made Cainite. Let us say that it left an indelible stain on him.

Background: Despite the dearth of mathematical and scientific query in these times, Aidan--gifted with an avant-garde visionary intelligence-- was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist. He also devoted much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination, and Hermetic philosophy. His passion was to decipher and reconstitute the teachings by the Pythagorean Cults based on a scroll that he received by a fellow enthusiast who never agreed on a meeting of minds unless it was at night. Working obsessively on the scroll, Aidan was able to decipher it and learn of its teachings, which seemed to please his fellow enthusiast. However, one night the scroll vanished and Aidan was so infuriated that he stormed into the mans home close to sunset ready to accuse him of thievery (and do much worse). What he found was a room filled with the most blasphemous arcane texts on the occult, math, philosophy, astronomy and magic that were not known to the world at that time. His fingers curled around the Nominis Inferni, a hardbound pamphlet of sorts and he ran.Two oddly peaceful nights fell where he could read the fragment on demonology. Within it, it contained references to The Abyss and True Names for several diabolic entities, but also one being of at least archdemon status. These things he did not understand. On the third night, while he was feverishly copying the text, the man who he had stolen it from simply appeared in his house holding the Pythagorean scroll. "You have a thirst for knowledge." He said. "I will give you something to rival that."

And so began Aidan's unlife among the Tremere.


Knowledge is the Prelude to Power

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